Saturday, October 15, 2011

My son in '99?

Ok, the back story to this page. He is going to kill me when he finds out I posted this LOL. We lived in Arkansas at the time and had a dog named Sugars she was very loving but not real smart so when we would go outside we would of course take her out with us but because the street could get busy we tied a rope around the tree to keep her out of the street. One day my son went outside to play and tied himself to her tree. He started yelling MOM like he always did .. like any 5 yr old boy that just found a cool dirt clod , neat rock, or freaky bug! So I didn't go out there. I was trying to hold firm that he needed to learn to come in and talk to me not to yell for me. Well .. this time he couldn't and when his yell turned to a "I am upset yell" I went to the door to find my son tied to our dogs rope. So like any good mom I grabbed the video camera for a session of 20 questions and took a couple of photos after all he wasn't going anywhere right?. I didn't scrap at the time don't even think I really knew about scrapbooking yet but this one was for the books and had to be saved for future blackmail.. ya know for those times when they grow up and say the NEVER do anything stupid LOL. Love ya Kristopher I hope you still love me too.

Modified Notebooks and folders

Ok I just LOVE these. I bought a bunch more when Office Depot was having their "Back to School" sales. So I got a really good deal on these Composition books and folders. I of course used the Cricut Spongebob Squarepants cart for the yellow folder. The Composition folder with the Cheshire cat I used the Disney Classics. I got the paper from Michael's Craft store gotta love that animal print paper and then the other side was the solid color that MATCHED PERFECTLY! So easy cheesy I flipped it over and cut the letters from that side to give it a little contrast.

The Mixed Nuts Crafter

My name is Cherie and I AM The Mixed Nuts Crafter, because I like to scrapbook and make jewelry and other crafty projects, I am like a bag of "mixed nuts". I am so excited to start sharing all kinds of crafty goodness with you. Oh yes I am also a bit NUTS myself.